Successful, long-term homeownership is what Neighborhood Housing Services is all about. In fact, enabling people to achieve their homeownership goals is part of our mission. In today’s turbulent financial environment, many families find it difficult to save or invest. For most then, their home is the most valuable asset they own.

Neighborhood Housing Services works with potential and current homeowners in a multitude of ways. We help you achieve your successful, long-term homeownership dreams by providing:

Convenient HomeOwnership Center - Neighborhood Housing Services maintains friendly and convenient “one-stop shop” to homeownership. We have all of the services and training needed to shop for, purchase, renovate, insure, maintain or manage a home–all under one roof.

Flexible Loan Products - Neighborhood Housing Services has a variety of lending products to suit the varying needs of our clients. Additionally, by partnering with leaders in the mortgage industry, we can originate most of the popular mortgage loan products with competitive rates and terms. Review our Full Cycle Lending Process.

Homebuyer Education - We provide pre-purchase educational opportunities to increase knowledge and build new skills about home buying. Classes are taught by certified homebuyer education trainers and counselors and typically take place in our onsite classroom, but can also be delivered online or through self-study. Learn more about Education.

Counseling Services - Pre- and post-purchase counseling offers specific guidance tailored to the needs of an individual to overcome particular obstacles or address specific concerns in either the home buying or home maintenance process.