Neighborhood Housing Service of Richmond Inc., Homebuyer Education Program is designed to provide general instruction to increase your knowledge and build new skills about home buying.  Our eight-hour Certification Course is delivered by a HUD-certified Homeownership Counselor along with other housing industry professionals to provide a concise overview of the following topics:

  • Determining the right time to buy a home
  • Pre-qualifying for a mortgage
  • Evaluating your credit history
  • Correcting credit problems
  • How lenders evaluate applications
  • Working with a real estate agent
  • Picking a mortgage
  • Understanding the mortgage application process
  • Determining your insurance needs
  • Responsibilities of homeownership
  • Mortgage pre-payment
  • Preventing foreclosure
  • Basic home maintenance
  • Negotiating a sales agreement
  • Costs of buying a home

Please contact Crystal Jefferson at (804) 329-2500 Ext. 110 to reserve your place in class today!
*** This process is determined by your Housing Counselor Gearld Rivers.***