Partnership Benefit Summary

Community Partnerships, National Support

At Neighborhood Housing Services, we build partnerships with our community residents and the public and private
sectors to identify local community development opportunities; crafting solutions to meet local needs. As one
of our partners, you can be assured that your support will be put to good use. Neighborhood Housing Services reinvests annually in the neighborhoods we serve.

We can document and measure the success of your investment through our Success Measures Data System
(SMDS). This is a unique cutting edge web based tool that measures the impact of our work with communities, families
and individuals.

We can also provide your organization with innovative opportunities for employee volunteerism and loan origination
services, such as the:

Employee Assistance Loan Program – loan programs that are tailored to help employers help their employees get
into homeownership.

Combine pre- and post purchase homebuyer education with flexible loan products.
Develop financial fitness programs to help buyers make smart financial choices and manage their resources wisely.

We invite you to support Neighborhood Housing Services and make a difference in the lives of hundreds of citizens in
the Commonwealth of Virginia.